Use this framework in your career to get your next promotion without burning out

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Saying yes to everything at work is often seen as the surest way to your next promotion. But having managed teams for more than a decade, I’ve seen the negative side to this and developed an alternative approach. I’m constantly curious about what drives my team to perform within a global organizational structure. A lot of my role is focused on empowering them to get the job done to a high standard, and it’s always rewarding to see people fulfill their potential. But I see one thing repeatedly in highly ambitious people that is costing them an accelerated career path. Read on to find out how to focus your time and make career-minded decisions based off of this framework. 


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Why the future of innovation hinges on technology for team collaboration

At a keynote speech this month in London, global advertising agency Iris Worldwide shared their outlook on innovation; particularly how it differs from everything else an organization does and how it calls for human-to-human collaboration as a key ingredient. The message was clear: innovation requires collaboration. Read on to find out how remote work is affecting office spaces, why there is a gap in perceptions of global connectedness and how technology will be crucial to fixing it.


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4 High-performance organizational strategies for privacy and collaboration

Jabra Headquarters, Copenhagen, Denmark

There’s an enormous restlessness in today’s society, both at work and at home in how we relate to one another across the multitude of communications platforms, in offices and remote-working conditions. Attributable to many things, but centered around our adoption of technology, I often focus on the workplace and how technology can help us both collaborate and take time alone to be productive. Read on to see why both are important and four organizational strategies you can implement at your organization to make your office space work for your employees.

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Study shows US companies investing in tech to solve open-office productivity

In 2016, the Wall Street Journal reported, “The Rise of Knowledge Workers Is Accelerating Despite the Threat of Automation”, and now, a 2019 Jabra study reveals how management is planning to involve technology and AI to aid this continued rise in knowledge workers and increase productivity rather than automate it. Read on to find out what the rise in knowledge workers has lead to, and find out how senior US business executives view technology and AI in relation to knowledge worker productivity.

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How to achieve life balance when you commute between countries for work

Exactly 1000km separate my front door from the entrance to my office. It’s a journey that takes me around 272 minutes, or just over four and half hours.


If the minute breakdown seems a little OCD, it’s because I am when it comes to time. Clichéd as it is, when the one thing we can’t buy more of is time, each day is centered around optimizing mine. And though I work in another country and travel extensively around the world for work, I have a better work/life balance than if I was working on my doorstep in London. If you read on, I’ll tell you why, and more importantly how. 
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Jabra’s new study reveals productivity insights from top management

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As the best connected workforce in history, technology has enabled us to communicate and collaborate globally, allowing for new levels of output and creativity in business. With these changes, optimizing productivity has also risen to become a key concern at a global level. And yet as much as technology is delivering on its promises to enhance productivity, it is also creating new challenges and distractions in the workplace, a part of the evolving office spaces and infrastructure and more complex channels for interaction.

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How to master listening and build deeper business relationships

Jabra Blog Better Listening Skills


Have you ever found someone who you admire and has been successful without listening to others, or being listened to by others? Listening, really listening, is perhaps the most under-invested in skill. It’s not about hearing – it’s about understanding. And at a time when people are realizing that their communication relies more on the spoken word than the written one, it’s also on the decline. As someone whose work centers around enhancing our ability to focus, I have been obsessed with what makes people work well, and in turn, how people listen well. Here, some of the tools I’ve adopted to make sure I listen with intent, maximizing my communication to build better business relationships.  Continue reading

How a Jabra and Red Bull collaboration lead to new microphone technology

Markus Stoeckl races the Streif with his mountainbike in Kitzbuehel, Austria

From big ambitions come bold innovations. Which is why when Red Bull Media House approached Jabra, the resulting project developed an entirely new microphone to record sound in high-wind environments, with potential uses that extend far beyond the world of professional sports. Continue reading

Five hard-won pieces of advice to maximise your productivity while working on the move

Given the frequency with which I travel, I recently realised I’ve grown accustomed to asking for specific hotel rooms in over 12 cities. I can also walk you through Munich’s Terminal 2 and point out the strongest WiFi pockets where I work before flights. These have become by-products of having to spend more than half the year on the road. In a time where executives are increasingly expected to maintain a presence across multiple markets, or expand a business across regions, creating an office from your surroundings has become more and more expected. And while working in an open-plan office poses its challenges, working remotely presents a separate set altogether, particularly while travelling. Here, my key thoughts on driving productivity while on the move. Continue reading

Heat mapping noisy offices is reality with new digital headsets

The humble headset is undergoing a radical transformation – from mere communications device to powerful source of data with the potential to transform the workplace.

Several months ago, we discussed the concept called heat mapping. The idea is to observe where employees typically congregate to determine whether the physical work environment is organized as efficiently as possible – and reconfigure the space if it isn’t.

Heat mapping is important because, ever since the walls came down and the office spaces opened up, organizations have struggled to make the workplace a productive environment.

They’ve tried everything – sound-absorbing materials, dedicated quiet areas, codes of conduct, even lots of leafy foliage. Despite their efforts, the open office space remains the place employees love to hate.

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